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The Company

Identification by sight, a camera together with image processing and analytics, is ubiquitous. Animals teach us that identification by scent is as, or perhaps more powerful than sight, ask a dog. Yet, outside of science labs, we do not have a technology to identify by scent (by small volatile molecules) as we do for sight (by photons), a world of information contained in scent goes unused.

iSense has created the camera for identification by scent. Just as cameras can be used for everything from medicine to security the iSense technology is being applied to a diverse set of applications including: identifying bacteria to treat infectious disease, identifying toxic chemicals in homes and factories, monitoring food quality and many more interesting and important uses. Success in any one of these applications would benefit the health of millions and represent a billion dollar opportunity. This is an opportunity to join us at the ground floor of our first product development and at an early stage of the company growth. See more about our medical developments at our affiliate company website

The Job

We are creating a small mobile device incorporating the iSense sensor technology. The device processes the iSense sensor signals and using data analytics identifies objects by matching sensor patterns to a library.  You will contribute to the mobile device control code (mostly python), signal processing and data analytics (R and python). This is the job for you if want to be where your ideas to be central to world-changing and lifesaving products. The main tasks you are expected to contribute to are:

• Mobile device control code used in device operation and sensor control.

• The processing of high-volume, temporal high-dimensional data streams generated in real-time from our proprietary sensor technology.

• The application and development of suitable pre-processing, feature-selection and dimensional reduction techniques.

• The development of re-usable predictive methodologies based, and their execution.

• Creating and coding Android and/or PC companion applications for our mobile device.

The challenges will be diverse.  We are entrepreneurial by culture. This is a job for someone that wants to apply their coding, algorithm, machine learning and data visualization skills to the application of a novel sensor technology capable of addressing world-changing challenges.


You are a very strong coder, expert in Python, and with experience across C++, .NET, Linux, as well as R.  You are in addition deeply familiar with a broad range of machine learning paradigms well beyond the first ML course, and know the pulse of developments in the field.  Ideally you have proven expertise in image processing and analysis of spatio-temporal data sets using advanced neural methodologies. Domain knowledge in the field of image or other signal processing is a definitive plus.  

Creating new-to-the-world, impactful products, requires passion, smarts, strength, persistence, and hard work. You should have a track record of success in your education and projects and have these characteristics and skills:

• Training in Computer Sciences, Bio-Engineering, Computational Informatics, or related field and interesting relevant experience.

• Expert in Python, and with experience most of  C++, .NET, Linux, as well as R.

• Strong knowledge of algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, and classification techniques.

• Proven track record of independent thinking & innovative approaches to problem solving.

Posted On: September 01, 2017 15:42 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Mobile Development
Skills: Android, Android App Development, Mobile App Development
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States
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