PEMF Amplifier – Reverse engineering – Upwork

I am looking for someone to work with, to whom I can ship to you a functional circuit board product, which produces PEMF signals in to 1 pair of external coils.

What I need primarily is for the precise signal to be accurately measured and analysed (and forward info to me) to determine it’s precise slew rate, rise time, repetition rate, frequency and wave form pattern etc.

Once that is determined, the next step is that I would like a suggestion of any off the shelf (relatively inexpensive) pc board amplifier (such as for example any pre-built circuit board available on Ebay or which may be readily available from anwhere else), which will amplify the existing signal accurately, without affecting the precise original signal, very fast rise time,  pattern, waveform etc. etc. or causing any significant signal distortion. My current understanding of the current product is that it creates a bipolar saw-tooth wave-form, with a relatively very fast rise-time /  fall time. (The Fast Rise Time and Fall Time is most important to be accurately repeated and it must retain the current bi-polar waveform – form 0 to about + 25 volts and then reverses to go from 0 to about – 25 volts – and at times a bipolar signal) – I would like for you to choose any existing inexpensive pre-built printed circuit board amplifier which would enable me to accurately amplify the signal, in order to be able feed multiple coils, instead of the current design which allows only one pair of coils to be fed. Once the Circuit Amplifier is chosen, I would like you to actually test it, to make sure that the signal is accurately amplified.

Currently, my circuit works fine off of a SINGLE 9 volt battery, but your suggested amplifier (for it) can be of any voltage or current easily available (although it would be slightly easier if the suggested amplifier would work off of 9 or 12 volts).

In Short:

My current Product produces a bipolar saw-tooth wave (or somewhat of a square ) with fast rise time ‘fast fall time, and is connected with an external wire to one pair of coils. The Goal is to find an off the shelf (relatively inexpensive pre-built circuit board) amplifier which will enable me to drive multiple pairs of such identical coils, without any signal loss and making sure to preserve the precise current waveform. Typical ideal amplifier output would be a minimum of of doubling the current output. So that instead of driving 1 pair or coils, the output would drive 2 pairs. It would be more ideal (but not required) if the same circuit board would have multiple outputs so that each separate output of the amplifier would drive 2 pairs of coils each. For example, if the amplifier had 4 outputs and each one was capable to drive 2 pairs each (instead of my current limitation of only one pair of coils)

To be clear: I only need an amplifier to acculturate amplify the current signal. The signal is relatively low level, as it currently operates of a 9 volt battery and the current 9 volt battery can power the 1 pair of coils for about 8 hours, therefore the amplifier is only going to need to be about 8 X more powerful but the amp can be powered by a much heavier 9 or 12 volt source of power.

Posted On: September 01, 2017 17:42 UTC
Category: Engineering & Architecture > Electrical Engineering
Skills: Analog Electronics, Circuit Design, Digital Electronics, Electrical Engineering
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States
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