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FreelanceLead does not handle payments as of now. You should take care and avoid risky jobs found. We do our best to sort out bad leads, but they are out there. Once you follow a lead, you will be off the FreelanceLead site and on your own.

Per our terms of service, essentially you get a 50% refund if notified before 50% of your term has passed. This term is based on your membership.

As seen in the Terms of Service:

Refunds. FreelanceLead offers refunds with the following terms. 50% of your subscription fee will be returned up to the half way point of your term length. No refunds will be given after the half way point. The following details these amounts and days determined by your request/contact form:
Monthly: $4 (Standard) or $25 (Premium) if requested before 15 days have passed in billing period.
Annual: $40 (Standard) or ($250) if requested before 183 days have passed in billing period.
These time frames exclude the trial period.

We have a 7 day trial period on all our Membership Options. This will give you full access to all our feeds. There is so much potential here, $8/ month is a great deal.

We sell a membership service to our ever updating curated list of leads. We sort out all the fake, scammy, bad leads the best we can, so you can simply skim the feed and contact new clients for work.

We do not take a percentage of any project, nor nickel and dime you with “credits” like other sites. You have unlimited access with a membership.

Find a listing of our membership options here.

Many of the leads found on this site can be done remotely. Many of the people searching for help do not know how easy it is to operate remotely. The feeds listed here are simply sifting out all the garbage found on most sites and help make connections.Technology is making online work similar to local work, with added speed, cost, and quality advantages.

Anything you can do on a computer and more can be found on FreelanceLead. We are constantly adding new search items and categories. Please find the master list here.

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