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I have a design project I wish to patent,  develop and market. It is a specific tool for an industrial fabrication process that will vastly expand the functionality and design aspects of engineered quartz slab materials. I have the complete 3D model design rendered in .skp format (Sketchup). In able to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, I need vital component supplier research performed to find/use on-hand stock worm shaft , worm gear, bearings and round gear rack bar that all smoothly operate together to perform the unique tasc of my tool design. I am stuck in this stage of development due to the highly technical, mysterious, super mathematical world of gear component specs. When I solicited gear manufacturers, they tell me to “send them my specs and they will gladly quote my custom machining requirements”. I DO NOT HAVE PRECISION SPECS TO A MECHANISM WHICH I WANT DESIGNED  AROUND THE USE OF GENERIC, ON HAND, STANDARD GEAR COMPOBENTS. The common response is ” we are a gear manufacturer. We don’t engage in mechanism design”. Duh! I have the mechanism designed,  I want them to sale me a stock worm shaft that meshes with a stock worm/pinion gear that meshes with a stock round gear rack bar. I do not want a quote for the custom manufacture of gear components to my specs. If I were to call Lego, they would say “sure, we have a worm, pinion and rack that all mesh quite smoothly. How many of each would you like?”  I tried to dable with the tec math of a worm shaft, OMG…       I am not a rocket scientist. Once past this hurtle, and with these simple standard machine parts in hand, then we can proceed to draft the CNC blueprints for the manufacture of the “gear block” portion of my design. There are a few other simple component systems to draft to solicit machining quotes on an individual basis.  Then, I would need a full technical mechanical blueprint depicting all aspects of my design for patent application and manufacturing. I have investment capital in hand and need to move forward with real results. If any engineer/draftsman is interested in my challenge, I would like to promptly engage a binding NDA and discuss the details of the work I need performed. Thank you.

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Posted On: August 30, 2017 10:31 UTC
Category: Engineering & Architecture > 3D Modeling & CAD
Skills: AutoCAD
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States
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